Nov 03 2011

Sakura Hime Volume 2 By Arina Tanemura

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Hey everybody!
Guess what tomorrow is… it’s my 18th birthday.

Release date: June 2011 (2008 in Japan)
Publisher: Viz Media (Shojo Beat)
Type: Manga (in most cases these are read from right-to-left)
Age Group: 13+
Pages: 167
Source for Synopsis: from the back of the book
Challenge: (personal) 2011 Reading Challenge

If you are this far, then there’s no need for the series synopsis, because who reads volume 2 before volume 1. If you don’t know about the series, here’s the synopsis from volume 1, (I don’t know how to summarize it myself):

“Sakura is the granddaughter of a mysterious moon princess who slew demons with her Blood Cherry Blossom sword.
All her life Sakura has been forbidden to look at the full moon without knowing why.
Then one night, unhappy over her impending marriage, Sakura gazes up at the moon, only to see a demon attacking her.”

Volume 2

“Sakura, on the run after Prince Oura’s attempt on her life, is taken in by the ninja Kohaku.
Prince Oura summons a demon to lure Sakura and Kohaku out, and then turns into a wolf himself to steal Sakura’s Blood Cherry Blossom sword.
Now Prince Oura has the power to kill the immortal Sakura with her own blade.”


I love Tanemura’s drawings, they’re always so beautiful, I’ve read some of her other series and books as well, for ex: Time Stranger Kyoko, I.O.N, etc. I especially love the font for the title and for her name. I also love the front and back covers, the way Sakura’s hair leads to the back of the cover. Arina Tanemura is the best manga artist I’ve ever seen art from in mangas, many others are good too, but she’s amazing, in my opinion.

Even though it’s (I think) Tanemura’s first time drawing a fighting style manga, she does a pretty good job, it’s still the beginning, yet she’s already got some action and battle in the story. It’s hard to say a lot without spilling spoilers (especially for mangas).

And even though, I’m more into shonen manga (even though I’m a girl), I like this story so far, I can’t wait to see what will happened next, this volume left on kind of a cliffhanger, so I quickly started the 3rd volume, I’m going to need to buy the rest soon.
Although, the main character Sakura annoys me sometimes, I hate it when (in a lot of stories), the main character is too nice, being a good person is good, but not too much, you’ve got to be more than that, or you won’t get through in life.

In total, I heard there are supposed to be 8 volumes of this series, there might be more, I’m not exactly sure yet. I know that #5 or 6 is releasing in December. Keep checking viz.com if you want to know.

I rated this book: 4 out of 5 stars.

If you read this book, then tell me what you thought about it. Tell me in the comments section.

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